Home Staging

Did you know that potential buyers and leasees make up their minds in the first 15 seconds of viewing a home as to whether or not they are interested in making an offer or viewing other homes? Choosing a home is most often an emotional decision and interested parties need to imagine themselves living in the home and making it their own.

Home staging is essential in the sale or lease process of a home, focusing on appearance thus making a lasting impression on the potential buyer or leasee. JPJ Real Estate & Design will make your home appealing to your target market by accentuating its positive features, creating an atmosphere for potential buyers or leasees to feel like your home could become “their home.”

We work with clients on staging all rooms in the home as well as designated areas that need attention to detail. JPJ Real Estate & Design provides in-home consultations where we evaluate your home and give you a to-do list of what can be done in order to show your property in the best possible light. Home Staging consultations typically last an hour in which we review every aspect of your home from bedrooms and common areas to bathrooms and additional spaces, such as basements or attics. We then provide you with a written report including details of furniture placement, de-cluttering advice, home cleanliness, minor reparation and other pertinent information. Upon receipt of this report, one can either choose to approach the home staging oneself or hire our services.

Home Staging Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Home Staging Consultations
  • Home Staging for Occupied Homes
  • Home Staging for Vacant Homes           

About JPJ Real Estate & Design

The mission of JPJ is to make the buying and selling of residential and commercial real estate an unparalleled opportunity by providing exceptional service and knowledge to clients. We are dedicated to understanding and respecting our clients' needs, which defines our standards of loyalty, honesty and hard work.

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