JPJ Real Estate & Design is pleased to offer a wide variety of services designed to assist our clients with their residential and commercial real estate needs. The foundation of our business is to share our knowledge and advise clients, so that they can make the best possible real estate decisions. With extensive transactional know how and valuable relationships within the real estate industry, our professionals have consistently been able to translate their experience into successful projects for clients.

JPJ Real Estate & Design is a full service residential and commercial real estate firm catering to clients in the New York area. Our team has worked on projects ranging from seller and buyer representation to home staging and interior design. The advantage of working with JPJ is that clients can work with us for various services rather than hiring multiple companies for each project. Our vast network of affiliates link together to create a unique “one stop shop” for our clients, which is maintained with the highest standards of care.

Our services include:

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About JPJ Real Estate & Design

The mission of JPJ is to make the buying and selling of residential and commercial real estate an unparalleled opportunity by providing exceptional service and knowledge to clients. We are dedicated to understanding and respecting our clients' needs, which defines our standards of loyalty, honesty and hard work.

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